Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Great Week

How are y'all?!

I hope everything is going as well for you as it is for us here in
Tortosa! Elder Cushing and I are really having a great time together
and we are seeing a great amount of success and are truly enjoying the
work out here in Tortosa!

Our miracle from this week was our great friend Oyinda! She is going
to be getting baptized this upcoming week and is very excited! She is
so good and is doing really well. She lost her memory a couple years
so she has trouble remembering things sometimes. So we had a visit
with her late saturday night to remind her about church sunday
and to help her to prepare for her baptism. But the time for the visit
rolls around and she doesn't show up. Then we call her about 15 times
and she is not answering. Then right when we needed to return to piso
for the night she shows up and we were able to remind her all about
church. She came to church and loved it! One of the members of the
congregation from Peru gave her lessons on how to cook and take care
of a family because Oyinda is living here alone! They were together
for about 5 hours after church learning together! It was amazing! She
is amazing and we are so excited for her baptism!

I love Elder Cushing. I have had great companions so far on this
mission and Elder Cushing is no exception. He just goes and does!
Whenever we need to do something he takes initiative and gets it done!
This is a great companionship! I'm super happy to be here!

I know that God answers our prayers. I had to rely on the Lord a lot
this week trying to help Oyinda remember things and trying to help her
move towards baptism and they have been answered! If we ask God, he
will answer our prayers.

With Love from Tortosa,
Elder Bristol

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