Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Its a SUPER week (Falcons)

Go Dirty Birds,

Things are going really well in Badalona. Elder Muncy and I are
working really hard and we have plans to work as hard as we possibly
can to best take advantage of his last week in the mission! He is such
a great missionary it is amazing. I am also very amazing by Elder
Maurer. They are both ending their missions the way that is very

Our miracle this week is this woman from the Dominican Republic named
Milcia. That day a couple weeks ago when we invited 27 people to be
baptized she was one of the ones we invited. Well it turns out she has
a niece that served a mission for our church in Mexico and she has
family members that attend our church in the Dominican Republic. Well
we started teaching her and it is going super well. She understands
the gospel very easily and explains it to us right after each one of
our lessons what we had just taught. She also has strong desires to
follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. She told us she just wants to
learn a little more before she gets baptized. But we are fairly sure
we will have the blessing of seeing her baptism in the next month.

Elder Muncy is absolutely incredible. I am forever grateful for these
6 weeks that we have had together. I believe that I have grown the
most during these six weeks with him than in my entire life. It is a
privilege to work with him every day.

I know Jesus Is the Christ.

Go Dirty Birds,

Elder Bristol

We went on a great hike today for preparation day! We turned a 3 hour
hike into an hour and 10 minutes so we could make our train! It was
one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dirty Birds

Hey y'all!
I hear the Falcons are taking names and marching their way to the
super bowl! That's what I like to hear.
There are a lot of good things happening here in Badalona! Elder Muncy
and I are doing good things and working very hard. We are in a
foundation laying time for the area so we are trying to get a really
firm foundation layed out for our area. It's going well and we are
finding a lot.
The miracle this week was that Miguel the man that got baptized
recently was able to bless the bread and water for his first time this
week. He was really nervous but he did it so well. It was flawless. He
is an amazing man and has a big heart for the gospel. He also told us
that when his family gets here from Cuba in a couple months that he
wants to baptize them. He is amazing. Thinking back to how we found
him and his conversion story is amazing. He has come a long way and
now is a strong member of our congregation! Also Daisy who was also
baptized recently is doing very well. She is inviting young people who
haven't come to church in a while to come to church with her and she
is also very strong. Our congregation is growing and we are super
happy to be here working hard.
My companion is great! With two weeks in his mission left he wants to
do an English fast where we only talk in Spanish. He is such a great
example to me of someone that wants to work all the way to the end and
leave no regrets in the mission field. I am so blessed to be here with
We are doing well and are super excited for this week. Be on the
lookout for good things from Badalona soon!

Invite daily. Baptize weekly.

Elder Bristol

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inviting Daily

This was a week for the books. We were inside for 3 days this week
because Elder Muncy was sick and managed to have a great week. It was
a super good week. We were on the streets for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday for most of the days and then Thursday elder Muncy began
to get sick. But we ended up having a great week!
The miracle for this week began to happen after district meeting on
Tuesday which is just a meeting for missionaries in the Badalona area.
On Tuesday we were reminded of our Badalona motto of "invite daily and
baptize weekly in Badalona" by Elder Maurer and Tyson who help lead
the area of Badalona as missionaries. We decided to take that to heart
this week and we invited 27 people to be invited on Tuesday and then
at the least 3 people all the other days of the week. We saw miracles
from our diligence. We found 4 separate people who were searching to
get baptized! We just had to open our mouths and ask the people if
they would like to get baptized. It was a good week.
I truly admire Elder Muncy. On friday he was super sick and did not
really move all day. But then it got to 9pm  and he put on all of his
missionary clothes and said that we needed to go invite someone to be
baptized. So we went to the street for 5 minutes to invite 2 people to
be baptized. This taught me how dedicated he is to the goals he sets.
I am learning a ton from him and I feel so blessed to be companions
with him.
Anyways this has been a great week! Y'all have a great week.

Elder Bristol

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Badalona Baby

Wassup Georgia,
This was a wonderful week. I am learning a ton from my piso and more
than anything from Elder Muncy. We are having a great time and working
really hard.
Our miracle this week happened Sunday. Sundays are great days for
us here in Badalona. There is a new miracle each Sunday. This Sunday
Miguel, the man who got baptized recently, brought his wife to church.
It was such a great day. She came to church. It's the first time that
she has had off of work in a month and she decided to come to church!
She is a little timid so elder Muncy and I were a little nervous at
how she would like it. But it was great! All of the members were so
great! They were so nice and everyone said hey to her and now she
already has friends in the church! It was so great! Also Miguel showed
her the baptismal font himself and told him everything that happened
at the baptism. It was a great day and she stayed for all 3 hours of
Elder Muncy is absolutely amazing. He just has a way of getting people
to open up to him. We have had 3 separate street contacts where people
end the contact crying to us telling us about their lives. It truly is
amazing. He is so nice and optimistic that everyone loves him. I truly
admire how hard he is working especially now near the end of his
mission as well. I also am amazed at the type of missionary that Elder
Maurer the missionary from Australia is. I am honestly awestruck at
how hard he works and at his abilities as a missionary. I am truly
blessed to be in this piso.
I love this place!
Another great week,
Elder Bristol
We got to walk in a parade and it was really fun! 

Miraculous Badalona

This is going to be an amazing transfer! Elder Muncy and I are having
an amazing time and we are working super hard.
Our miracle from this week happened yesterday afternoon. For the past
two transfers we have been working with a family here bring them back
to church. They hadn't come to church one time in about a year. Then
we visited them with elder Muncy the first time and the family really
opened up to us about their faith and why they hadn't been at church
in a while. Well we invited them to come to church this week and they
gave us a half yes and a half no. We called them Saturday to remind
them about church but they didn't answer. Then we were sitting in
church and the entire family came in! And the crazy miracle was that
they brought a family member that is not a member of our church as
well! It was a super amazing miracle! They all stayed all 3 hours and
we have a meeting to teach them and the other family member that is
not a member this week!
I am blown away by my companion. He is an absolute stud. He does not
show any bit of slowing down at all this transfer even though he goes
home in February. He is so positive. He works super hard. More than
nothing he has a characteristic where people will open up to him in
less than 20 minutes of knowing them. He is amazing.
This week I really just learned the importance of working hard and
stay positive. Being positive makes all the difference! People are
happy to be around you and like you. So stay positive!

Elder Bristol