Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Its a SUPER week (Falcons)

Go Dirty Birds,

Things are going really well in Badalona. Elder Muncy and I are
working really hard and we have plans to work as hard as we possibly
can to best take advantage of his last week in the mission! He is such
a great missionary it is amazing. I am also very amazing by Elder
Maurer. They are both ending their missions the way that is very

Our miracle this week is this woman from the Dominican Republic named
Milcia. That day a couple weeks ago when we invited 27 people to be
baptized she was one of the ones we invited. Well it turns out she has
a niece that served a mission for our church in Mexico and she has
family members that attend our church in the Dominican Republic. Well
we started teaching her and it is going super well. She understands
the gospel very easily and explains it to us right after each one of
our lessons what we had just taught. She also has strong desires to
follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. She told us she just wants to
learn a little more before she gets baptized. But we are fairly sure
we will have the blessing of seeing her baptism in the next month.

Elder Muncy is absolutely incredible. I am forever grateful for these
6 weeks that we have had together. I believe that I have grown the
most during these six weeks with him than in my entire life. It is a
privilege to work with him every day.

I know Jesus Is the Christ.

Go Dirty Birds,

Elder Bristol

We went on a great hike today for preparation day! We turned a 3 hour
hike into an hour and 10 minutes so we could make our train! It was
one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen.

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