Thursday, January 12, 2017

Badalona Baby

Wassup Georgia,
This was a wonderful week. I am learning a ton from my piso and more
than anything from Elder Muncy. We are having a great time and working
really hard.
Our miracle this week happened Sunday. Sundays are great days for
us here in Badalona. There is a new miracle each Sunday. This Sunday
Miguel, the man who got baptized recently, brought his wife to church.
It was such a great day. She came to church. It's the first time that
she has had off of work in a month and she decided to come to church!
She is a little timid so elder Muncy and I were a little nervous at
how she would like it. But it was great! All of the members were so
great! They were so nice and everyone said hey to her and now she
already has friends in the church! It was so great! Also Miguel showed
her the baptismal font himself and told him everything that happened
at the baptism. It was a great day and she stayed for all 3 hours of
Elder Muncy is absolutely amazing. He just has a way of getting people
to open up to him. We have had 3 separate street contacts where people
end the contact crying to us telling us about their lives. It truly is
amazing. He is so nice and optimistic that everyone loves him. I truly
admire how hard he is working especially now near the end of his
mission as well. I also am amazed at the type of missionary that Elder
Maurer the missionary from Australia is. I am honestly awestruck at
how hard he works and at his abilities as a missionary. I am truly
blessed to be in this piso.
I love this place!
Another great week,
Elder Bristol
We got to walk in a parade and it was really fun! 

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