Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dirty Birds

Hey y'all!
I hear the Falcons are taking names and marching their way to the
super bowl! That's what I like to hear.
There are a lot of good things happening here in Badalona! Elder Muncy
and I are doing good things and working very hard. We are in a
foundation laying time for the area so we are trying to get a really
firm foundation layed out for our area. It's going well and we are
finding a lot.
The miracle this week was that Miguel the man that got baptized
recently was able to bless the bread and water for his first time this
week. He was really nervous but he did it so well. It was flawless. He
is an amazing man and has a big heart for the gospel. He also told us
that when his family gets here from Cuba in a couple months that he
wants to baptize them. He is amazing. Thinking back to how we found
him and his conversion story is amazing. He has come a long way and
now is a strong member of our congregation! Also Daisy who was also
baptized recently is doing very well. She is inviting young people who
haven't come to church in a while to come to church with her and she
is also very strong. Our congregation is growing and we are super
happy to be here working hard.
My companion is great! With two weeks in his mission left he wants to
do an English fast where we only talk in Spanish. He is such a great
example to me of someone that wants to work all the way to the end and
leave no regrets in the mission field. I am so blessed to be here with
We are doing well and are super excited for this week. Be on the
lookout for good things from Badalona soon!

Invite daily. Baptize weekly.

Elder Bristol

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