Thursday, November 10, 2016

Daisy's Baptism

Yee yee!! What a week!
This week was a great week! We had a wonderful baptism! Daisy who has
been investigating the church for over 8 months finally got baptized!
She was so ready to get baptized; it was great. If you met her you
could probably tell she could be the nervous or shy type. Well that is
exactly what she is. The entire week leading up to her baptism she was
so nervous. She would tell us every time we talked to her how nervous
she was. But then she would tell us that she knew baptism was the
right thing for her. Well it all built up for a week and then came the
baptismal service which was saturday night and she was visibly
nervous. She became so nervous that she became emotional before the
baptism. But she just kept going forward and kept moving towards
baptism. Then the baptism actually occurred. She was so nervous to
come down into the water but she took that step of faith and walked on
into the water and was baptized. It was amazing. Then after the
baptism she was all smiles. Nothing could stop her after that. She
knew that baptism was the right step for her at that point and she was
beaming after the baptism! The service was very spiritual! It bore
testimony to me that baptism is the right step and when we take a step
of faith we are blessed. It is not always going to be easy. It
definitely is not easy making decisions like baptism. But all we have
to do is show our faith and God will bless us more than we could ever
That was great! The other elders who live with us brought someone to
the baptism who it was their first time meeting with the missionaries
and after the service he told them that he wanted to get baptized.
Miracles exist. God lives.
I love my companion so much. He is so great! He is so funny and we get
along really well. He has been throwing me into the deep end a bunch
lately just making me speak a whole lot of Spanish which is kind of
scary but it is really good for me. Every Sunday we speak only on
Spanish all day and it is a great way to learn. By the end of the day
I find that I'm just naturally speaking in Spanish instead of having
to choose to speak in Spanish. But Elder McNutt is amazing. He is
always smiling and around people at church he is so good! We work
great together. I love this work.
I learned most this week that the Lord blesses those that act in
faith. This is one of my favorite topics because I think it is one of
the things so many people struggle with. Everyone has faith, whether
the think they do or not, but not everyone recognizes their faith. But
when we act on our faith and when we try our hardest to follow God and
Jesus Christ then we are truly blessed. Always remember that Jesus
Christ lives. He is our savior. He is the Christ. I know that with all
of my heart.
Peace out Georgia. Y'all the best

Elder Bristol