Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inviting Daily

This was a week for the books. We were inside for 3 days this week
because Elder Muncy was sick and managed to have a great week. It was
a super good week. We were on the streets for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday for most of the days and then Thursday elder Muncy began
to get sick. But we ended up having a great week!
The miracle for this week began to happen after district meeting on
Tuesday which is just a meeting for missionaries in the Badalona area.
On Tuesday we were reminded of our Badalona motto of "invite daily and
baptize weekly in Badalona" by Elder Maurer and Tyson who help lead
the area of Badalona as missionaries. We decided to take that to heart
this week and we invited 27 people to be invited on Tuesday and then
at the least 3 people all the other days of the week. We saw miracles
from our diligence. We found 4 separate people who were searching to
get baptized! We just had to open our mouths and ask the people if
they would like to get baptized. It was a good week.
I truly admire Elder Muncy. On friday he was super sick and did not
really move all day. But then it got to 9pm  and he put on all of his
missionary clothes and said that we needed to go invite someone to be
baptized. So we went to the street for 5 minutes to invite 2 people to
be baptized. This taught me how dedicated he is to the goals he sets.
I am learning a ton from him and I feel so blessed to be companions
with him.
Anyways this has been a great week! Y'all have a great week.

Elder Bristol

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