Tuesday, April 4, 2017

1 More for Badalona

Here we are! With one more great week here in the promised land of Badalona!

How is everything going? Everything here in Badalona is going well.
Elder Simon and I are truly learning a lot and working hard to help as
many people get baptized as possible here in Badalona. We are truly
working hard but more than anything we are working smart. We are
finding a lot and helping a lot move towards baptism.

Our miracle of the week is one of our Honduranian friends named Betsy.
We found her a couple of weeks ago. She lives in the house of one of
the people we were visiting. In the visit with the man we were
visiting we started talking to her and she expressed her desires to
come to church with us and to be baptized. We were really excited and
we've worked hard to make sure she had a good experience at church. It
was a great. She came and loved it. The members of the congregation
did a great job of saying hello to her and making her feel welcome.
She is really excited for her baptism on the 25th of March as well. We
as well are very excited for her.

We have a lot of people that are really excited to get baptized in
this area. It's amazing how much I have seen this area transfer in my
time here. In the beginning the work was good and everything was going
well but now the work is going amazingly well. The work is exploding.
Elder Simon and I have been swamped with visits these 5 weeks and it's
been so good. We have had a lot of success together and we are still
seeing a lot of success. This has truly taught me that you get out
what you put in. If you put in 100% of your time and effort into a
worthy cause, the Lord has no choice but to bless you.

I have learned so much from Elder Simon. He has helped me so much. I
truly feel like I have improved as a missionary 100% as I have been
blessed with Elder Muncy and Elder Simon.

Here's something I don't think I've told anyone lol. I've been serving
in this city named Santa Coloma for these 5 months. We walk around in
Santa Coloma everyday. It's just the name of the congregation is
Badalona. But yeah it's basically the same city but it just has a
different name. So there's something for ya!Learn something new

With love,
Elder Bristol

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