Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tortosa Here I am

Hello Everyone out there in America!

Everything is amazing out here in Tortosa. It is about 20 times as
pretty as Badalona. But Badalona did have about 20 times more people.
I'm in a nice pueblo in Spain! It is a great place and I love being

Our miracle from this week is a man named Enrique. Enrique is great
and has big desires to be baptized. We found him the first day when we
were together. We then set up a visit with him for the next day and we
had a great first visit with him. We taught him about our purpose and
missionaries and about baptism. He loved it and expressed his desires
to be baptized. We told him that we would help him prepare for a
baptism in the middle of April. He loved it and said he was super
excited for it. We also were able to teach his wife and some friends
that also live in the house. They are a great bunch of people. Oh yeah
and they're from Honduras. I love the people from Honduras, they are
super nice and all have very simple and sincere desires to follow
Jesus Christ!

Tortosa is a lot more of what you think of when you think of Spain.
Most people that live in this city are native Spaniards and they are
actually a lot nicer than the Spaniards I knew in Badalona!

Elder Cushing is great. He's my new companion and he is amazing. He
wants to help the people out here so much and he has such a great
attitude! He is always happy which is amazing! I'm excited for our
time together!

Have a great week and Happy Birthday to me,
Elder Bristol

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