Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Wing and A Good Amount of Prayers

Hello everyone!

What a week we had here in Tortosa. We are working super hard and
seeing a lot of miracles happen in front of our very faces. It is
amazing! I love this mission and I am super excited for my time here
in Tortosa. We are having a great time truly trying to help people
enter into the Kingdom of God!

This week's miracle is an amazing one! When I got here to Tortosa we
decided to really go after this one man named Dani. He has been
attending the church here for 3 years but has never made the decision
to be baptized and join. So when I got here we started teaching him
some powerful lessons about the importance of baptism and they went
really well. But then this week instead of a lesson we decided to do
something a little different. We decided to pray with this man until
he got an answer as to whether or not he should take the step of faith
and be baptized. We ended up praying for over 30 minutes with this man
and little by little he told us that he was receiving more light and
in the end he told us that he would get baptized in the upcoming
month! We were amazing at how God truly answered this man's prayers. I
felt the Spirit super strong when we were praying and I knew as well
that he needed to take the step. So we are super excited for him and
are super excited to see his progress towards eternal life!

Elder Cushing is amazing! He is always super positive and really
happy. It's actually really amazing how happy he always is and I love
to be around him. We get along really well and I'm glad to be here
working with him!

Something interesting I learned this week is that God truly knows us
personally and answers our prayers. So if you ever have a
question...just ask God. He's always there waiting for you to ask him.
Just like any father he just wants his children to communicate with
him! There's no better way than through prayer.

Something interesting about Spain is the amount of people from
countries from Central and South America! Half of the people we are
teaching right now are from Honduras. Honduras is a great country and
I can testify that they know how to cook as well lol.

Love y'all,
Elder Brsitol

 Arm wrestling a man named Miguel from Cuba

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