Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A week full of Miracles

Hello one and all,

Well it was a week full of miracles here in Tortosa. I am truly blown
away at what I have seen this past week. It could be one of the weeks
where I have seen the hand of the Lord in the work the most. I am
truly happy to be working here and I believe that I have truly
adjusted to the life here in a pueblo!

We were blessed with two wonderful miracles this week! Last Monday
while we were buying groceries during preparation day we were stopped
by a 18 year old girl from Nigeria. She asked what we were doing here
and why we were dressed with a white shirt and tie. We told her that
we are missionaries and got her phone number. Then later Monday night
we found her again in the street and said hello and set up a visit for
the next day. Then the lord put her in our path a third time that
Monday night and we just began to teach her a little right there! Then
in the visit the next day we taught her a little about baptism and she
told us that she wanted to be baptized and explained to us that she
knew there was a reason God had put us in each other's paths. She then
came to church on Sunday and told us that she will be there every
week! We are so excited to be seeing her baptism here in a couple of

Our second miracle was a man named Hernán. He is 48 years old and from
Ecuador. We had a visit with another man one day but when we went to
the other mans house he wasn't there. But Hernán was there and he
opened the door! He said he really wanted to meet with us so we set up
a visit with him. We met with him and he said he truly wants to change
his life and that he is so happy to be meeting with us. He also
expressed his desires to be baptized to start his life again. It is so
great to see people with such great desires to start their lives again
with baptism and confirmation! I love this mission.

So we will be seeing their two baptisms here shortly. We are so
excited for them!

Elder Cushing is great! This week I really admired how much he cares
about the people here. He is very sympathetic to anyone that needs his
help its so great! I am learning a ton from him and I'm very excited
to be here in Tortosa!

Elder Bristol
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