Monday, March 6, 2017

Sweet Home Badalona

Hello to all,

Things are going super well out here in Badalona! Elder Simon and I

are working super hard and we are seeing miracles left and right!
Can't beat that Melbourne-Atlanta combo out here in Barcelona, Spain!

The miracle from this week is a woman named Elizabeth. She is from

Nicaragua and just arrived here in Spain six months ago. She is the
sister of a member in our congregation out here in Badalona. The
sister who is a member is struggling right now with her faith so we
have been working closely with her trying to help her stay loyal to
God for the past month or so. This last week she invited us over for
dinner and told us that she was inviting her sister who is not a
member to come hear from us as well. We had the lesson with Elizabeth
and after the lesson she said she would definitely get baptized and
that she was so happy to hear our message. She told us that these six
months have been tough for her because there are not a lot of people
who believe in God and that her faith has been tried lately as well.
She said about a week ago she was thinking that something was missing
in her life. When her sister invited her to hear a message from us she
said she could not say no. She told us this was the answer to her
prayers and ended the lesson with us thanking us for everything and
crying of joy. It was a wonderful moment. It is so humbling to see the
Lord work through you in ways like this.

Elder Simon is amazing. He has truly taught me how to work smart. Most

missionaries know how to work really hard but Elder Simon knows how to
be the most effective and how to most effectively bring souls unto

In Spain basically everyone uses public transportation. We do not get

anywhere if we don't walk, ride a bus, or ride the metro or subway.
It's a bit different having to rely on others to take you everywhere
but now I'm used to it and I love it!

Here's to another great week,

Elder Bristol

We have karaoke and they made me sing this song. I found out I do not

know this song lol. Like at all. But it was fun.

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