Monday, March 6, 2017

"Come unto me"

Hello Georgia!

We had such a great week this week! Elder Simon and I are having a
great time together and learning a lot.

We had three wonderful baptisms this last week. Two of the children
were children from the Peruvian family that are so great. We found
this family in the street about a month ago and then we couldn't get
in touch with them for about two weeks. Then after two weeks Elder
Simon and I passed by their house and they were there. They invited us
in and we invited them to church for the next day! They said yes and
all came to church. And then we set up a visit with them for that
Tuesday and right then we set a baptismal date for the children for
this past Saturday. To make the baptism even better it was the
mother's birthday. It was a great service. Madeline also got baptized
this past Saturday and her story is a bit different. For a long time
we have been trying to help her get baptized but her mom was impeding
her daughter from being baptized for personal reasons. When Elder
Simon got here we decided to be bold and have a lesson only about the
baptism of the daughter. We did that and came out with a miracle. She
was baptized a week later! This Saturday was wonderful! Baptism is a
great way to spend a Saturday here in Spain.

Elder Simon and I get along really well. He is a great missionary. We
are on the same page as a companionship in our desires to baptize and
in our desires to push the work along here so we work well together. I
really admire how smart he works. I'm learning a lot from him this
transfer from how smart he works.

In Spain they eat yogurt or a fruit after every meal and it is
amazing. I absolutely love it. There's your Spanish fact for the week.

Elder Bristol

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