Monday, February 20, 2017

Tremendous Week

This was a tremendous week here in Badalona. Elder Simon and I are
being blessed with miracles all around. We were blessed to see the
baptism of our friend Elvis this saturdayy! We were also blessed to
find and help some people prepare for baptism in the upcoming week!

The baptism of Elvis was great. The service started out with a child
offering the opening prayer and the prayer set the tone for the entire
meeting. The spirit was strong throughout the meeting. As the meeting
went along the talks went well and were short and powerful. Then Elvis
was baptized by his older brother Victor. It was the first time victor
had ever baptized anyone and he did a great job. He took his time to
make sure everything was correct. It was a wonderful service. After
the service the mother of Elvis thank us over and over for the
willingness we had to help baptize her son. It was a great meeting and
we were blessed to be apart of it.

We found 3 other people that are super excited to be baptized this
upcoming week as well. We will be blessed to see the baptism of
Madelin, Joan, and Cristian who are all excited to follow the example
of Jesus Christ. We found them all through their parents. Their
parents had not come to church for a while and we found them and their
children are all ready and excited to get baptized.

Elder Simon is incredible. We have seen so many miracles together
already and I am truly excited to keep working together this transfer.

Spain life is great. The Spanish are sort of lazy haha. They take a
three hour break to eat lunch and take a nap everyday. So during that
time nobody is outside. A street that is normally packed has maybe one
or two people on it. They call this time mediodia and it is very
interesting. Haha I thought I'd just throw in some Spanish culture for

Have a great week! Go Jackets.

Elder Bristol

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