Monday, May 22, 2017

Beach Baptism

That's right one and all! We had a baptism in the Mediterranean Sea!

This has definitely been a week for the books. It has been one of the
most roller coast of emotion weeks that I have ever had here in Spain.
The craziest part was the weekend. Starting on Friday I think I had a
weekend I will never forget. With the zone conference and then the
baptism of Oyinda it has been crazy.

On Sunday we were able to watch as our great new friend Oyinda joined
our Savior by being baptized! It was so great. On Saturday we were
supposed to have the baptism of Oyinda. We confirmed it with her two
hours before she was going to meet us as well. We were super excited
but then the time for us to meet up rolls around and she didn't show
and then did not show the entire day. She told us later that her
father forced her to run some errands and for that she could not make
it. So then on Sunday we decided that we would do the baptismal
service. She came to church and then after church her, the branch
president Josep, Elder Cushing and I drove to a nice secluded beach
and performed the ordinance of the baptism there. It was very nice and
simple. Then we gave her the Holy Ghost right there and that was the
service. It was nothing short of a miracle. Her entire story is a
miracle. From the time she contacted us to her baptism it has been a
nonstop miracle.

I am so happy to be here with my great friend Elder Cushing. He is
amazing. This week he showed me how to hold up under pressure. This
was a very stressful week for both of us but he held up under pressure
and kept his smile on his face the entire time. He is truly a great
example for me and I am so happy to be here in Tortosa.

This week I learned most of all that God is truly listening to my
prayers. I prayed probably more this week than I ever have and every
prayer was answered. The kicker is that they weren't answered in my
time rather in the Lord's. This has been such a great week and I know
that the Lord is always there for us!

Peace up A-Town,

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