Monday, May 22, 2017

Iru the Pakistani Giant

Everything is going very well here in Tortosa. Elder Cushing and I and
working really hard under the Tortosan sun out here! It's really
starting to warm up but hey that's what missionary work is all about!
We are working really hard and seeing the fruits of our labors. It is
very rewarding to get the fruits from your labors when you're working
really hard!

We experienced a couple great miracles this week. Our great friend Iru
is moving swiftly towards his baptism! He is progressing so well! He
is very smart and remembers everything we ever teach him or anything
he ever reads. He tells us that he does not want to waste our time so
he is trying his hardest to learn everything he can! He came to church
for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. He described it
as a calm that he could not even describe. He payed very close
attention to every work spoken! It was great!

Our second miracle was being able to put ourselves in contact with
someone that we almost lost contact with. We were contacting students
on a university campus a couple weeks ago and a girl gave us her
address and phone number and told us she would be less busy in a
couple of weeks. So we set up a visit for this week with her and
everything. I had written the address down wrong and we had lost her
phone number so we were phrantically asking everyone that lived near
her where she lived. Nobody knew and then I got a little angry. But
then something told me to calm down and say a prayer. So I said a
quick prayer and we decided to go look for her address once more. We
are walking down the street and a woman stops us and asks if we are
looking for Denis (the girl we are looking for). We say yes and then
she said, "well follow me" and she turned out to be her mom! It was a
great visit and the girl and the mom both have great potential! God
always answers our prayers!

I hope everything is going well!

With love from Tortosa,

Elder Bristol

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