Monday, May 22, 2017


Good day to yall from Tortosa! This is a land full of miracles! I can
enthusiastically say that the call to serve here in Tortosa was
inspired of God. I was called here with a purpose. There is so much
for me to learn here and so much to learn from my companion Elder
Cushing. I love the work here!

The miracle this week is just a continuation of the miracle this past
week. Orlin is progressing very well towards his baptism in two weeks.
It is so amazing how dead set he is on that date now. Only two weeks
ago he did not even know if he was going to get baptized. Now he is
moving rapidly towards a lifetime of discipleship!

Iru keeps progressing very well. He is amazing. He is the 55 year old
man from Pakistan. When he lived in Pakistan he actually stood up to
Osama Bin Laden in 1980! He told him that what he was preaching one
day in a mosque was not in accordance with the Islamic faith. Then he
got throw out of the mosque and beaten by two guards. Also another
story of Iru is that when he was in Pakistan he starting attending a
Christian church. Because of this is was very dangerous for him to
live there because he was Christian at this point. So he always walked
around with an AK47 and a huge German Shepard to keep him safe. One
day two people were laying in the grass waiting to snipe him and his
dog took off and stopped the people before they could kill Iru. He is
a true baller. He keeps thanking us always for the job we do here. He
always recognizes us as servants of God. He is visibly happier now as
well after teaching him some lessons. The last lesson we taught him he
accepted Christ as the Son of God and Savior of the world and it was
an amazing experience! We are truly looking forward to he baptism on
the 27th of May!

Elder Cushing has already taught me so many great things. The biggest
thing I learned and admired this week was his desire to always be
happy. He is always happy and just works really hard to always remain
happy! In the face of any challenge he comes out smiling and happy! He
is a happy one! It truly is fun to be with someone who is always

This week I learned most of all that God wants us to have joy. We
wants us to have full and everlasting joy. Joy that we can only find
in Jesus Christ.

With Love from Tortosa,
Elder Bristol

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