Monday, May 22, 2017

Tortosa = promised land

Hello to all and a Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers,

This was a stellar week here in Tortosa. It was honestly a really
stressful week but in the end it turned out very well. It ended on a
very high note and with a great Spirit.

The miracle from this week continues with our friends Orlin and Iru.
This week they both basically fell off the face of the earth for the
first 5 days of the week. Then on Saturday we were finally able to get
in touch with him. Orlin took a job this week taking care of some old
people because they cannot care for themselves. This is a job that
takes a ton of people out of our teaching pool here in Tortosa because
of the lack of free time they have. So we were not able to meet with
him this week and he was not able to come to church. So we were pretty
bummed about that but then Sunday afternoon he called us and told us
that he was sorry and he will be quitting his job on Tuesday so he
will be able to come to church and be baptized! We had to move his
baptismal service one week back so we could fully prepare him but the
call we received from him was an answer to our prayers. Then with Iru,
he told us that he was going to be able to come to church this week as
well. The problem was that Iru had a really tough week where he almost
lost his job and was very nervous because of that. So on Saturday he
went in search of work in Barcelona. He said he would catch the first
train to Tortosa Sunday morning to be able to come to church. But then
he never showed up. What ended up happening is he got halfway to
Tortosa and realized he had forgotten his phone in Barcelona so he had
to go back to get it. He told us this morning that he is never going
to miss church again because he felt so bad after missing it Sunday.
He also committed to quit smoking this week! He is an amazing man and
we are looking forward to his baptism!

This week Elder Cushing impressed me by his leadership skills. He is
truly taking his calling as district leader seriously and he is doing
a great job! I am so thankful to be able to be here learning from him!

This week we saw some other miracles while contacting! People have
been so willing to invite us over to their houses lately it's been
amazing! The work is going well here in Tortosa!

With Vigor,

Elder Bristol

from jacobs birthday

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