Monday, May 22, 2017

The Promised Land

Hello from another week in the land of miracles here in Tortosa. We
have seen the hand of the Lord so much this week it has been
absolutely magnificent. No matter where we go we feel like God is
right there with us helping us and helping our friends to find Christ
in their life.

We have two great miracles from this week. The first one happened with
our dear friend Orlin. Orlin is 27 and from Honduras. He was found in
January and has been coming to church for over 3 months without
missing week. He has been very faithful and shows his faith every week
by coming to church. But when we taught him he always expressed his
fear for baptism. He expressed fear for if he messed up after his
baptism. We have been hearing this same excuse for over a month and a
half so we decided to leave it in the hands of the Lord. After
testifying to him for over 30 minutes about the importance of this
step in his life we decided to get down on our knees, all three of us,
and take turns praying until his fear was taken away. It was amazing.
After 4 times of praying each, or about 15 minutes, his fear was
completely taken away and he said he is ready to be baptized. He said
he will be out of town next week so the next possible time for him to
be baptized will be the 20th. It was amazing. We literally saw the
Lord answer a prayer right in front of us. After praying he kept
telling us how great of a work we have as missionaries and kept
thanking us over and over. It only took 15 minutes for the Lord to
answer this mans earnest prayer.

Our next miracle is this man named Iru. He is from Pakistan and is
about 55 years old. We found him by going to a house of an old
Spaniard lady we found on the street in a pueblo called Amposta. We
knock looking for the old lady and he answers and invites us inside.
He works for the old lady and has lived in Spain for 8 years. Long
story short he has a lot of pain and sorrow and says that he really
just wants to change. He wants his life to be better and he wants to
go to Heaven after this life. He told us in the first visit that there
was no way he could make it to Heaven. We testified to him that it
truly is possible and that he will. He loved that and told us that he
wants to become a Christian (he is a non practicing Muslim) and come
to church with us forever. We are really excited to see his progress
and baptism in the end of this month of May.

Elder Cushing is amazing. He is so focused on the work here. We have
truly become good friends this past week. I'm really excited to see
the miracles the Lord has in store for us this transfer!

The Lord truly answers every one of our prayers. He knows us and He loves us.

With the faith to see more miracles,
Elder Bristol

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