Monday, July 10, 2017

Tortosa On My Mind

Hello to all,

Well it is official. Tortosa is the promised land. It is the land of
miracles. Elder Eiggs and I have seen more miracles than I thought was
possible 3 weeks ago. The Lord loves Tortosa and sure wants the gospel
to be preached to everyone here! And it is so fun as well. Elder Riggs
and I always have a smile on our face and it is just a great time to
be here with him.

This week we decided to start focusing more and more on finding men to
teach. We did that because here in Tortosa we have a ton of women and
many strong women that are helping the church unit here. We do not
have many men that regularly attend the branch so we have turned our
focus to finding men. We asked God for help with this goal and then
the miracles came as if the flood gates had opened. We were contacting
one night and we decided to cross the street to talk to an old
Spaniard man who was smoking. We started to talk to him to see what
his religious background was and he told us that he has had
missionaries over before and he loved it. That was a miracle but even
more of a miracle was what happened next. We realized in the middle of
talking to this man that a car had stopped in the middle of the road
behind us. The driver was a man from our English class who wanted to
say hello. We went over with him and then he invited us into his car
and drove us to our next destination. While in the car he expressed to
us that he wanted to know more about our church. He said he was
Catholic for most of his life then recently changed to Evangelical.
But he said that he has always admired the Mormons and how they live.
He was the answer to our prayers. Right now he is a leader in his
church but he said he is taking seriously the teachings we are giving
him and that if God answers his prayers he will join our congregation
in a heartbeat. This man, David, then offered a prayer and thanked God
for us "the representatives of Jesus Christ here in Tortosa". What a

Elder Riggs is amazing! He is the perfect missionary to have here in
Tortosa! I could not think of a better missionary to be here. He is a
spiritual giant and works his tail off and is full of energy. I hope
to one day be half the missionary that he is! It is such a blessing to
be here with him.

As for me I am doing really well. I feel like I have found a new gear.
This transfer I have taken a new motto. It is actually a quote from
Tim Tebow that I have always loved. It was after he lost a game that
he should not have lost while he was quaterback at the University of
Florida. My mission modified quote of him says, "I promise you one
thing. A lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any
[missionary] in the entire [mission work] as hard as I will [work] for
the rest of the [transfer]. You will never see someone push the rest
of the [companionship] as hard as I will push [Elder Riggs] the rest
of the [transfer]. You will never see a [companionship work] harder
than we will the rest of the [transfer]." And it is my promise. There
is no one that will work harder than Elder Riggs and I for the rest of
this transfer.

I love the Lord. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and a son of God.

With Vigor,

Elder Bristol

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