Monday, July 10, 2017

Marathon Week

Hey y'all

Tortosa just keeps spitting out miracles and Elder Riggs and I have a
front row seat.

This week was the marathon week. Normally as a missionary we have a
couple meetings or something to break up the super hard work but this
week we had no sort of thing! We worked a ton of hours out on the
streets and in people's houses but it was one heck of a time! I had a
great time! It was a lot of work though haha.

This week's miracle stems from a miracle that happened two weeks ago
as well. Two weeks ago our friend Orlin called us to tell us that he
finally got out of work! He was the miracle man that we prayed with
until he got an answer that he needed to be baptized. Right after that
he took an all day every day job and was not able to come to church
nor meet with us for over a month. Now he finally got out of it! But
that's not even the biggest miracle. A member from Honduras just moved
into Tortosa with some friends and we did not know where she lives for
a while. We were trying to visit her and help her feel welcome for the
past 3 weeks but never had been able to do it. Well this week our
friend Orlin invited us over to eat with him and the member was there!
She is renting a room out in the same apartment as Orlin! How amazing
is that! And even more amazing is the boyfriend of this member who
also just moved here from Honduras. We asked him if he was a member
and told us "aún, no" which is basically saying that he know that he
will be one day soon! His name is Juan Carlos. So this new member that
we have in Tortosa is going to be a great asset for us and so will her
boyfriend and Orlin! We are very excited for their progression and
their baptisms coming up here soon. Whatta promised land!!

My companion Elder Riggs is amazing! We just had the longest week a
missionary could probably have. Here in Tortosa there is no meetings
with church members because the leaders live in Tarragona and this
week we had no Distric Meeting because of interviews for Tarragona. So
Elder Riggs and I had the maximum amount of hours for proselytize time
possible! For some missionaries that could be tough to go that hard
and never have a time to just sit down and be in a meeting! But Elder
Riggs never even complained! He worked hard the entire week without
letting up one bit in the end! Elder Riggs is a workhorse!

I am still progressing very much! This week I studied a lot about the
basics of missionary work! I even studied about how to better my
studying! And as I studied throughout the week I found my studies
improving and improving! I am looking forward to personal study now
with anticipation!

I love this mission. I'm glad to be here in the greatest mission on
the earth's great face!

With gratitude for Tortosa,
Elder Bristol

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