Monday, July 10, 2017

Elder Cushing's last go around

Hello Family and Friends!

Everything is going very well here in Tortosa. The branch is going
well. The members are stabilizing and everyone is working really hard
to grow the congregation! It's so great to see the branch working so
hard. Also Elder Cushing is coming to an end of his time here in the
mission and he is still working as hard as he can! It's great to see
the determination in him. He will not quit until the final buzzer
sounds and is a great example to me! I have been super blessed to
learn and grow with him for the past eleven weeks and we will see how
this last week goes for him!

This week was filled with miracles as always but we saw the biggest
miracle in church on Sunday. We have had a little bit of trouble
getting people to come to church lately because of the distance or
because of work. So this week we took a focus on helping all people
come to church (those that are and are not members). We worked really
hard and tried to make sure everyone could come to church and actually
would come to church. We saw a miracle with a family that we have been
teaching my entire time here. They came to church for the first time
in a really long time. They are from Jamaica and from England. They
are very strong Seventh-Day Adventists but they took the step of faith
and came to church here! It was so great to see them! They were even
the first people at church. Another miracle we saw was with a member
of the congregation had not been to church in more than 5 years. She's
a young lady that has lost the faith and we just starting working with
her two weeks ago. She came to church! We are super happy for this!
Our great friend Iru has been really busy lately. He has been working
a lot so we have had to postpone a lot of things with him.

Elder Cushing is amazing. He has done so well enduring to the end.
People always label him as the energizer bunny because he is just so
full of energy all the time! He is great and has no off switch.

I am doing well. I have been studying hand really thinking about how
we are going to make Tortosa a great self sustaining congregation out
here. I have been thinking really hard and praying really hard about
how to best fortify this branch. I've gotten a couple answers and we
will see how it goes!

Elder Cushing and I were talking today about how great this mission
is! Here in Barcelona Spain basically every area has the beach in it.
The landscape is literally a dream. We take a bus that goes by the
beach like 2 times a week and a train once a week. It's so crazy how
blessed I am to be here!

Elder Bristol

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