Monday, July 10, 2017

Tortosa is the Land of Miracles

How y'all doing?!

How excited I am to tell yall about this past week! It was an amazing
week with my new companion Elder Riggs. He is an amazing missionary
and an even better person. I know for a fact that this was an inspired
companionship and I am going to be learning so much from Elder Riggs
in our time together! It was such a great week needless to say.
Tortosa is still the promised land and I am so happy to be here!

This week as a miracle I would say it was the miracle we had of people
stopping us to want to talk to us. We were walking home one night at
9:45 when a woman called us over to talk to her on a bench. We
thought, "well that's strange, we are usually the ones stopping
people". So she stopped us and it turns out she had met a member of
the church about a year ago but had never met the missionaries. She
was really interested and we got to meet with her this past week for
the second time and we will meet her tonight again to teach more about
prayer and the Book of Mormon and the Bible and the similarities found
in both and the necessity of the Book of Mormon. Then during the
conversation with her when she stopped us, a man and his son came up
to us and interrupted the conversation. He asked us if we were the
Mormons. We responded in the affirmative and then he began to tell us
that he has been looking for us and that he wants to learn more as
well. Elder Riggs and I split up and he finished talking to the lady
on the bench while I talked to the father. Then when elder Riggs was
finished we testified very strongly to this man that God has a plan
for him and his family. The man was so receptive and invited us over
to his house! It was amazing. Miracles are waiting around everywhere
here in Tortosa. You do not even need to search hard.

Elder Riggs is truly going to make me want to be a better human being.
I have never met anyone more sincerely converted to the Gospel of
Jesus Christ as my great new friend Elder Riggs. He is absolutely
amazing. I have truly been blown away by the power of his testimony in
Jesus Christ and I am so excited to be with him! It is an absolute

This week I have really focused on my nightly prayers. They have
improved so much and I love it. I am applying something I learned from
Elder Muncy where he would open and read a story from the scriptures
after his nightly prayer as well. In all of the random openings of the
scriptures this week, I opened time after time to the phrase that says
"I am the Lord thy God". Through this it has truly confirmed to me
that God has a plan for me. I just need to try my best to be in tune
with the Spirit to receive his guidance.

Also this week a little punk kid tried to spit on us and I got very
lucky and it landed in between my shoes. It was pretty funny and it's
even more epic now haha. But no worries I am 100% safe here in

Blocking out the haters (or spitters),

Elder Bristol

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