Monday, July 10, 2017

Goodbye Elder Cushing

Well! Elder Cushing has left and it was an amazing last week with him!
It was such a blessing being able to work side by side with someone so
dedicated to the work! He was super good and ended with a booming 8
friends who are not members in church on this past Sunday! It was so
good and such a huge miracle! I am so thankful for the opportunity
that I have had to learn and grow these past 12 weeks here in Tortosa!
And it is absolutely true! I have learned so much these past twelve
weeks and grown so much!

The miracle this week has to be the 8 people that were able to come to
church for us! We worked really hard to make this last Sunday for
Elder Cushing the best one it could have been and it so was! We had a
great time and invited everyone to church. 4 of the eight that came do
not speak a lick of Spanish. One is from Jamaica and the other three
are from England. We have been working very closely with them trying
to get them to accept the gospel into their hearts and they all
finally came to church this Sunday! It was a miracle! Another girl who
came to church was a girl named Anggie who we have been working hard
with to accept a baptismal date and she came for the first time! Two
Spaniards came as well. One of them just had a death in the family so
we have been helping him to keep his faith in God throughout these
tough times for him. His son came with him and his son has a lot of
potential to accept the gospel as well. Then a girl that is a member
of the church came for the first time in 4 years to church and brought
a friend who is not a member! It was such a miracle! We jumped from
our usual 30 people in church to 44 this past week! It was amazing! It
was such a good week! Great miracles!

I learned a ton from Elder Cushing and I'm truly gonna miss him! He is
a great man and I really got along with him! I learned most from him
about how to just be happy in whatever circumstance. So that was
amazing! I am so excited to be with my new companion Elder Riggs! He
is a great missionary and I have heard nothing but good things about
him! He is so happy and I am going to learn a ton from him!

I am really growing a lot here in Tortosa! I am learning a lot about
how to be a beacon of light for people. Because here in Tortosa there
are not a lot of members nor believers in Christ so I have truly
learned how to be a beacon of light for the non-believers here and I
absolutely love it!

My new companion Elder Riggs is from Las Vegas and is amazing! We are
going to get along very well and we are truly going to become close
friends! I can just feel it!

Sending love from Tortosa!
Elder Bristol

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