Monday, July 10, 2017

Elder Riggs the Spiritual Giant

Hello one and all!

Good day to you here from Tortosa! Everything is going really well
here! Elder Riggs is just what this pueblo needs and I am so excited
to be able to work here with him! We are having such a great time and
are working really hard to grow the branch here. At times it is a
little tough without any other men that live in Tortosa but we are
doing our best and the Lord is blessing Tortosa a lot lately!

Elder Riggs and I have decided to put a big emphasis on a couple of
our friends that we are teaching this week. We saw a great miracle
from it! We have this man named Dani who is from Tortosa and has been
learning from the missionaries for over three years. He actually does
everything we tell invite him to do and is a great man. He has a 9
year old son also named Dani who is really great. Well we had a great
visit and for the first time we were able to get the 9 year old to
participate in a lesson with us. Elder Riggs, being from Las Vegas,
knows a good amount of card tricks so we got the 9 year old to come
participate with the card tricks. He came and then we taught a lesson
about our purpose here on earth and that while we are here we must
follow Jesus Christ and learn more about him. So what we did is we
invited the 9 year old to follow Jesus Christ by being baptized and he
said yes! Then we invited the father and he gave us a half-yes. The
father's father just recently died and he has been struggling with
that lately but we are working on helping him regain his faith and
regain the desires to follow Jesus Christ. Also if Dani and Dani Jr
decide to be baptized, then Dani Sr's brother will shortly follow! So
we had a great miracle and are looking forward to their progress and
decisions to follow Jesus Christ.

Elder Riggs is an absolute machine. He is a spiritual giant. I could
not have picked a better companion for me right now! He is exactly
what I need and I am so happy to be with. I am strengthening my
testimony and my faith just by walking beside him everyday! He is a
great one!

As for me I am doing very well. I am still focusing on my nightly
prayers. I pray out loud now at night and I am praying with more
emotion so it seems more like a conversation with my Heavenly Father
than just a repetitive monotonous thing. I am surely progressing
spiritually and it is muchly due to the prayers I have been having

I don't know if I've ever written this but we have a rule here in the
Spain Barcelona Mission that we must be home by 10pm. We are allowed
to be outside until 10:30 if we are in a teaching visit. But if we are
out in between 10:00-10:30, instead of walking home we sprint. We run
to show our obedience and dedication to the Lord. Well this week we
ran home a lot and had a great run! We had to run 2 kilometers on full
stomachs and we did it in about 9 minutes. In our regular missionary
attire. Needless to say we got home very hot and sweaty and it was
kinda gross. But it was a fun run!

Aight, have a great week!

Elder Bristol

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