Wednesday, December 28, 2016


How is it going in this Christmas Season?!
Here everything is going super well! Well this entire week was a
miracle. We went into this week with nothing really happening. We had
a couple people progressing in the gospel but we did not really have a
ton of success going on. Then on Tuesday we had a meeting with our
friend from Cuba named Miguel. We taught him about baptism and then in
the end of the lesson we asked him what he thought about baptism. He
said he was ready he was just waiting on us to tell him when he was
prepared! We told him that he was prepared and he was so excited! Then
we asked when he thought he would be ready by to be baptized and he
said whenever we said. Then I told him that we would be having a
baptism this Saturday and that we feel that he is prepared. He said
yes and was so excited the entire week! We baptized him on Saturday
morning and I had the privilege of actually baptizing him. It was such
a great meeting. At the end of the service he bore his testimony about
how he was just starting his journey! He is so amazing! Only 4 weeks
ago we got back in touch with him and now he has been baptized! What a
miracle! And even more, he has plans of bringing his family to church
with him next week and the week after! He is an amazing man and we
were so blessed to meet him!
This is a great time of year! Remember in this Christmas season to
serve others! Christ was a gift to the world! Without Jesus Christ we
would not be able to return to live with God again after this life.
But we do have a Savior. We do and we know it! That is why during this
Christmas season we must show our love for the savior through service!
Go and serve!
Merry Christmas.
Elder Bristol

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