Monday, December 5, 2016

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What is going on friends and family!
This week we saw a huge miracle. We found a Cuban man in October named
Miguel and taught him a couple of lessons and then we could not get in
touch with him for a couple of weeks. But last Sunday on our way home
from church we ran into him in the metro and rekindled our friendship
with him and then set up another visit with him. We met his entire
family for the first time there as well in the metro. We taught him
this week and it turns out he has not been baptized and is ready to
take that step in his life! He just wants to know which church to do
it in. We invited him to church in that visit and he was so excited to
come with us. We called him saturday night to confirm that he would
come with us and he was still so excited. We show up sunday and he was
dressed in a suit and was carrying the Book of Mormon! He said he even
bought the pants just to come to church. While in church he made a
comment in one of the classes that we were the light in his life that
he has been looking for and that we have been such a blessing for him!
And he also has already made plans to come next week! He also said
that he is going to make the rest of his family come with him when
they don't work as well! He absolutely loved church and is so nice to
us. He is so amazing! And we just ran into him on the metro last
Sunday! He is progressing well and we are super excited for him!
It is getting a little cold here in Badalona haha mostly because all
the buildings hide the sun all the time haha so because of that I have
been having to dress with more clothes every day haha. But everything
is going well here! Elder McNutt and I are having a great time!
The biggest thing I learned this week that the phrase "be of good
cheer" which is quoted many times in the New Testament is more of a
commandment to us that a promise of hope. It does not say be of good
cheer (if you like your job...if you have lots of money...if you are
watching the office). It means be of good cheer all the time!
Everything we have is from God! So be of good cheer! Love y'all a ton!
Be of Good Cheer,
Elder Bristol

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