Monday, December 5, 2016

Hey Yall

Hey y'all!
Hey! It's been a wonderful week here in Badalona. We have seen a lot
of miracles. The biggest miracle is the story of this man named Jakob.
He is from Kyrgystan and is about 65 years old and speakers seven
languages. He is one of the happiest men I have met here on the
mission so far. He was raised Muslim but has recently converted to be
a Christain. Elder McNutt and I contacted him about 2 weeks ago and
then about a week ago we ran back into him in the street! We set up a
return visit this time with him and it turns out he knows a little
about our church already! He has lived in Sweden before and told us
about how he had Mormon friends there. He has even attended a
baptismal service there! We had a great lesson with him this week and
gave him a Book of Mormon in Arabic. He said he will definitely read
it and pray about it! It was a super experience! He is so happy and
has a lot of potential! The biggest miracle is that he actually knows
a little about our church and even bigger that we gave someone a book
in Arabic and they are actually goi g to read it haha! But he
definitely is ready for the gospel!
I really appreciate how Elder McNutt has trained me. The first week I
told him to correct my Spanish any time I mess up and he has taken me
up on that. He has not relented one bit. And I have truly been blessed
because of his dedication to helping me improve. I have really seen
improvement this week and I am super thankful for him and his
This week I learned most about why we keep the commandments of God. We
keep the commandments not just because God has told us to. We don't
keep them just to check them off. We don't just read the scriptures
and pray because we have been told to everyday. We do this things so
that we grow. Our end goal in life is to truly become a Disciple of
Christ. When we keep the commandments we can feel the influence of God
in our life. But we truly follow commandments so that we become
someone that God knows we can be.
Everything is going well here.
GEORGIA. That's what I'm talking about lol.
Peace and blessings to all y'all!

Elder Bristol

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