Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Wassup family and friends!
This has been a great week here in Badalona! We have a lot of work
going on and still a lot to do! The greatest miracle this week
happened with our great investigator Miguel from Cuba who I talked
about last week. He came to church again this week which was so great
and he had another great week at church. He loves the classes after
sacrament meeting and already has so many friends at church. One older
member of our congregation started talking to him yesterday and they
became quick friends! The older man invited Miguel over to his house
and Miguel was so excited! Miguel told us that he wants us to come
with him as well! Our congregation is being so nice to this Cuban man!
He knows basically everyone in church after two weeks and is super
excited to come next week. He is also going to come to our Christmas
dinner as a ward as well! He is so excited and we are going to try to
help him get baptized really soon! He says he is ready to get baptized
but just wants to be sure!
Elder McNutt and I are really great friends and we have such a great
time. I also worked for a day with elder Maurer who is from Australia.
He has been on his mission for almost two years and is such a great
missionary. I learned so much from him. Elder Orantes who I also live
with from LA is a super good missionary as well. They are our zone
leaders and work really hard!
This week I have learned a ton! The most I learned was about the
importance of service. When we lose ourselves and work once for the
benefit of others we are blessed. We become the people that God knows
we can become. I know that Christ lives and he is our greatest example
for service. He served his entire life. The least we can do is do a
quick act of service every day. Especially in this Christmas season.
Always remember Christ. What Would Jesus Do?

Love y'all!
Elder Bristol

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