Monday, October 17, 2016


How's it going back there in Georgia everyone!? Everything is going so
well here in Santa Caloma and I love it! The people out here are super
great. About a third of the people are Spaniards. Then the next third
are Muslims from Pakistan. Then the next third and Chinese who know 0
Spanish and 0 English. And then there are two American LDS
missionaries talking to everyone about God.
Everything is going great here though! One of the men we are teaching
is a Spaniards and he is so great! He is down to 2 cigarettes a day
and it is great! He is truly changing his life to come closer to
Christ! It's amazing to see the blessings of the Gospel in all of
these people's lives. We are really working hard. It is really fun. We
go out and just talk to everyone on the street and for the most part
everyone is pretty rude to us but then we just think back to the man
who is stopping smoking and that makes it all worth it! When we come
closer to Christ our lives truly are blessed.
What I have learned so much this week but what I have learned the most
about is patience. For the first part of the week I was getting pretty
frustrated with my Spanish and I was really upset. But then one
morning I was thinking and then it hit me. The thought was
like...Elder Bristol you idiot what are you doing, you know the
Spanish will come. Just be patient. So from then forth I have been
studying a lot about patience. In the scriptures there are so many
promises promised to those who are patient. If we trust in the Lord
and we are patient, then we will get what we seek for. Patience is
waiting or enduring a hardship without getting upset or frustrated.
That is what we need more of in this technology age. A lot of times we
want things and we want them now! But the Lord always knows what's
best for us. We just need to trust in Him and know that he knows us
and he loves us.
I know Jesus Christ lives and he loves us.
Peace out y'all! Keep doing great things
Elder Bristol

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