Monday, October 31, 2016

Just Keep Walking the Hills

Hello friends and family!
How is everything going back there in Georgia and the United States!
If there is one thing I have truly learned this week it is that I am
definitely not in the United States right now haha. But Spain is
great! If there is any place I would want to be serving the Lord it is
Spain! I love it here and I love the people!
Our week started out pretty rough last Monday. We ended preparation
day early to go talk with the man that was supposed to get baptized
that Saturday and he said that he was not ready for baptism and he
wanted a couple weeks to think on his own! So that was definitely not
the way I wanted to start our week. But I can testify that it got
better haha. We went straight from talking with him and taught this
man that is so ready to hear about Christ and His gospel! Then as the
week kept going we kept seeing miracles! We have a great baptism set
up for this weekend for a 23 year old girl named Daisy who has been
thinking about getting baptized for 8 months and now is finally ready
and we are so excited for her to take this great step in her life! She
is going to be such a solid and faithful member and will love God with
all of her heart. She already loves God and Christ but we are super
excited for her! Go Daisy! Another man we have committed to get
baptized in 3 weeks is a man named Manuel from Spain. He is 67 and is
super humble. His back is hurt really badly and is super humble and
open to hearing about the gospel! I know he will get baptized and will
dedicate his life to Christ.
The thing I learned most from this week is that whenever adversity
comes you just have to keep your head up and keep going. There is
nothing in this life that we cannot face if we have God on our side.
And that is the amazing thing! God will always be on our side if we
seek Him! My week started off pretty rough but we just kept our heads
up and kept trying our hardest and testifying that Christ lives and we
were blessed for our faith! Just like here in Badalona we always need
to keep walking up the hill because sometime it will level out. I know
Christ lives and he loves us! I know we can always talk to God through
I love all y'all!
Peace out.

Elder Bristol

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