Thursday, September 29, 2016

Final Week in the Mission Training Center

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How´s it going back home everyone!!!?? I miss all yall a ton!! It is crazy to think I really am in the city of Madrid right now! Like this is really a crazy feeling haha! You would think it would have hit me a little earlier than it has haha but it has finally hit me that I am here and I am here for the long haul!!

This has been such a great week though! I can finally say I am truly having the time of my life here! This week we have changed over to speaking only in Spanish here in the MTC which is super difficult for a ton of people, especially me!! This last Sunday we decided to speak only in Spanish and it is amazing the blessings we have seen come from it. We all actually know a ton more than we thought we did. I have learned more this week speaking only in Spanish than I have any time before now! If anyone is ever trying to truly learn a language, I suggest that you try your hardest to just speak the language. It really is difficult but I know it is worth it.

My companion and I are really getting along!!! It is going super well! He is so awesome and we have the Spirit with us all the time which is awesome! We both are going a little stir crazy though hahaha we just want to get out there to Barcelona. We are teaching teachers who pretend to be looking into the church every day, twice a day in Spanish and Elder Hunsaker and I are teaching some great lessons lately. The last lesson we taught had us both in tears because the Spirit was so stron and even the teacher was in tears. Even though it was a fake situation it really is amazing how strong the Spirit can be when you bear testimony of what you truly know to be true about God and Jesus Christ.

The Park this week was amazing!!! We get a different companion every week for the park every week and this week my companion was Elder Bird from Idaho. He was so cool!!! We talked to so many people! One of the most interesting people we met was from Albania who spoke no English. In the park, Elder Bird and I said a prayer to have the Spirit help direct us where to go and who to teach. We got this prompting to go talk to this guy from Albania. We get up to him and he has tatoos of guns and grenades on his neck. So already me and Elder Bird are like what the heck. Then he proceeds to tell us that he believes in the stars (which I respect but still we were like what the heck again hahaha). But then we started telling him about Jesus Christ and about how He lives and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was so thankful to us for it because he said that in Albania he has never even seen anything that talks about or even mentions a Savior. It was so humbling to see that people could be so excited to hear about Christ who have never heard of Him before. Never judge a person by how they look.

The thing I learned most this week was bore to me on Sunday through my prayers. So I already said how on Sunday we changed to only Spanish and I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I felt like I could never do it and that I would never be able to express myself. So I said a prayer for comfort. It did not come at first. Maybe an hour later it just hit me like a brick wall. And at that instand i got the impression that God knows us. God loves us all more than we can even imagine. God knows our struggles and he feels for us when things don´t go our way. But most of all God is proud of us! He is so proud of us! As long as we are trying to follow Him and His son Jesus Christ, there is nothing we can do that He will not forgive or understand. Jesus Christ lives and God loves each and everyone of us!

I also really learned that the Lord can help you have the strength with anything. I prayed and asked for the strength to truly be happy and have the strength to be happy a lot this week and it was so great!! I woke up every morning this week truly happy and I stayed happy all day!! God really does answer our prayers!

Also I heard Tech lost to Clemson which is sad.

I love all yall!!! Keep up the good work!!! Peace out Homies

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